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Highlights of our trip to El Salvador

Stacy's View on Things

You certainly don't have to read the whole thing - I just got carried away writing this on our new laptop computer while we were down there. In short - we had a great time, and it was good to really meet all of Lulu's family down there. Anyway here it is...


Hello from El Salvador,

This is Saturday (July 21) - I have been here about one week. Louise arrived on Monday June 25 and I arrived on July 13.

I arrived on a Friday and Louise picked me up at the airport. Good to see my family again. I am amazed at how easily I get through the customs with my big box (containing a wheelchair purchased through ebay in the States) for Lulu's cousin here. For some reason everybody entering is required to pay a $10 fee for entering the country. I am about to ask what the fee is for but I decide to wait at least a little while before causing trouble. I am told there is also a $25 fee for leaving the country (only payable in cash) and we are running a little low on cash right now!

Anyway - as I leave the customs area of the airport I see a mass of people outside in the waiting area. Fortunately Jonathan and David see me - Louise is tending to the car.

Just as I remember from my last trip here, all of Louise's relatives treat me like some sort of royalty here - starting with the first night. Louise's cousin Claudia and her family treat us to dinner the first night. A very nice place and very crowded - grilled chicken, meat, etc. I have a couple of Pilsener beers and we have a great time. The place seems to be a lot like many popular sports bars and restaurants in the States - a lot of young people. And they even have a game room for kids with a game of foosball. They also have large screen TV's showing the soccer games. It seems to me that it is a good sign for the El Salvador economy that so many local people have enough money to spend on a pretty trendy place like this.

Click to enlarge The next day - just goofing off we head to the mall. We are driving a truck lent to us by Louise's cousin (Luis) who gets it for free from time to time from Budget Rent a Car. It is air-conditioned and quite a treat to have - but it will only last the weekend. Luis works as a sports reporter on the local TV station (Canal 33) and wears a Budget hat and has a Budget mug that is often visible when he is on TV. The mall is a lot like American style malls - but of course some different things for sale. I try one of the fancy coffee places and we buy some fancy dessert stuff for a treat.

Click to enlarge Later that Saturday we are invited in the afternoon to a dance recital (ballet) of the daughters of Raul (another cousin) ages about 5 and 10 I think. It is wonderful but the music is so loud that I have to go outside and look in the door.
Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge That night we are treated to dinner again - this time by Luis at a place on the beach. We drive about 30 miles from San Salvador and dine by a little place (looks like a shack) that overlooks the ocean and serves absolutely fabulous ceviche and fresh fish. (Check out the view at right) I am in such a good mood in this place that I decide to buy Dave his first beer. He finishes before I do. (Then Luis actually picked up the check - so he bought the beer).

Click to enlarge David and JonathanClick to enlarge Luis and LuluClick to enlarge Lissete

The next morning we are off to the beach again with Claudia's family. The traffic on the road this time (we take a different road) is horrible - they are doing roadwork. Repairing damage from the earthquake - we see men installing what looks like chicken fence wire to the cliffs along the side of the road. It does not look to me like this will last for long! Click to enlarge Click to enlarge When we finally get to the beach (a private club - Claudia has a friend who is a member) it is VERY hot. But we have a nice lunch (except again the music is way too loud) and enjoy the beach afterwards. Returning that night we stop in a pupuseria - serving more traditional El Salvador fare. It includes pupusa's and platanos, etc. It is all very good and my stomach seems to be holding out fine.

(Here are more pictures from that trip. Click thumbnail to enlarge.)

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Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Lulu told me on the phone before arriving that San Salvador is noisy - and I agree. From traffic - to very loud music in the malls and restaurants it is loud. And there doesn't seem to be any law against putting loudspeakers on the top of your car and driving around advertising over the loudspeakers for whatever you want - again VERY loud. Everybody seems to ignore the noise - but it does wear on the nerves after a bit.

And stray dogs are everywhere. Don't understand that - it must be a health problem.

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