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Highlights of Our Trip to El Salvador

Visiting Family
by Lulú

The main reason that we went to El Salvador was to visit my family, whom I hadn't seen in a few years. I sure wish that we would all live near each other so that we could see each other more often. As it is, every time we see each other there have been many changes (weddings, graduations, etc.), ocassions in which we would have liked to participate, but we haven't been able to. But this time we did have the opportunity to see all the cousins and aunts and uncles, something that made us very glad.

Something I did do during this visit was to obtain suficient information to be able to do a geneaology tree of all of the descendents of my grandparents, Doña María Luisa Medina de Salinas and Dr. Rafael Salinas. Somebody commented: "But Lulu, you have been working on this geneaology tree for who knows how many years now!" Well, now I hope to finish it soon. And as soon as I am done, I will send copies to all my kin south of the border.

My grandparents had three children: Armando, Martha, y Amalia. Who would have even though that my "Mamita" and her husband would beget so many handsome and intelligent descendants. Here is a photographic account:

Oprima para agrandar la foto

From Uncle Armando and Aunt Sonia's side we have Pipo (Luis Armando), the oldest, married to Nachi (Ana Cecilia) and their three lovely daughters: Sonia Alejandra, Gloria Cecilia y Luisa María. Oprima para agrandar la foto They live in Honduras where they own a restaurant/bar. Nachi is also a teacher in a bilingual school. We hope to be able to visit them at their house in the near future. This picture at left shows all of us a few minutes before saying goodbye to each other.

Oprima para agrandar la foto Uncle Armando's and Aunt Sonia's second son, Juan Antonio, is married to Ana Carolina, who is quite lovely. They have 3 cute kids: Luis Antonio, Ana Carolina, and the extra cute Fabián Alejandro. They live in Santiago de María with Aunt Sonia and are the owners of a hardware store that keeps them quite occupied seven days a week. I hope that someday they take a well deserved vacation and come and visit us. Juan Antonio has three other children from his first marriage: Juan Antonio, Celia Vanessa and xxxx. And his eldest son, Juan Antonio Reyes, is studying at a San Salvador university.

Oprima para agrandar la foto Oprima para agrandar la foto Oprima para agrandar la foto

We didn't see Aunt Sonia's youngest son, Héctor Alejandro, as he and his wife Gina and their daughter, also Gina, live in Puerto Rico for the moment. Héctor also has 2 children from his first marriage to Carolynn, Tony and Vicki.

Oprima para agrandar la foto When we visited Aunt Sonia we also saw Licha, a foster daughter of my grandmothers, whom I love like an aunt. Another foster daughter was Coralita. Sadly, she died about 4 years ago.

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